Another Day to Love – Sunday Morning Ramblings

On the Winter Solstice of 2019 my FIRST EVER book was published!  Can you tell I’m thrilled?!  Well, the reason I am is that I wrote a book and now it’s a real thing as I sit with a stack of them on my desk!  But the other reason that FREES me like nothing I could EVER imagine is that this book was 6+ years in the making!  And I didn’t even realize I was WRITING A BOOK!

I know that sounds strange but LIFE IS STRANGE!

Out of our struggles, our pain, our darkness can BLOOM the MOST GORGEOUS WILDFLOWERS!

I’m that WILDFLOWER!  Proof that we SURVIVE!  Not ONLY survive but THRIVE!

As I lay in a heap on the floor, after losing, YES LOSING, a couple hundred friends all in one fell swoop, I began TYPING out my thoughts, feelings….ramblings on Facebook.  My community supported me there…in that spot.  They LOVED me.  But most importantly THEY LISTENED.

Nearly every SUNDAY for over 6 years I began rambling.  Any thought, question, feeling that came to mind…I’d type, at the moment.  Every list ended with the same words:

“It’s Sunday.  Another day to love.  Happy Sunday.”



I began to HEAL.

Words are POWERFUL!  I had no idea that my very own words, along with my gorgeous friends online, would HEAL ME.

I found MYSELF.  I came HOME.

Another Day to Love – Sunday Morning Ramblings is that art, that story, that song, and that spirit.

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