Sunday Morning Ramblings


Sunday Morning Ramblings:

1. If I can sit and talk with honest people. Real people. People who risk and breathe out their story to fill the room, not with details, but with expression so pure a heart would sing and eyes would soften and tenderness reaches depths unknown…that is what it IS all about for me and my life. #truthforms

2. Let’s talk about teenage boys. I mean really…with all their energy and kind spirits and athleticism and smarts and how they still say, “thank you” and “please” even though they stand over 6 feet tall and have a clear view of the part in my hair, let’s talk about this. #whoselifeisthis #momsofteensweighin

3. I believe our physical selves have some form of knowledge and memory. How many times have I gotten up to walk into a specific room or area of our home to realize my body knew something my brain did not? So. I stand and wait. When my brain catches up, my whole self is now in on what it was supposed to be doing. #bodymindmeld

4. I also believe that our brain can do amazing feats, while leaving our body completely out of the equation. If they were to collaborate on certain things I know that our bodies would rebel, “put their foot down.” Examples are catching a falling baby or glass jar or running down the bleachers at my son’s basketball game and across the court to give him a water bottle to then runRUN back in front of the folks sitting on the bleachers then up those bleachers to sit down. Clearly there was no collaborative effort. I just did it. My brain was completely in charge of this one. #justdoit

5. Every third day or so I run around the house and open just about every single window. Then I have a cup of tea, sit for a spell, then run back around and close them all. #lettinggoofstaleair

6. I adore a good metaphor.

7. Cinnamon buns fresh from the oven elevate serotonin levels. #imabiologist 😉

8. One and a half Christmas trees are up. All the lights we bought last year only work on 2/3s of each string. Yet, the lights I’ve had for about 12 years work and are brightly lit. #newjunk

9. I don’t usually do words for the year. If I were to list a few right now off the top of my head for 2014, they’d be:










All of that up there is necessary to get us going…somewhere, very fine.

10. We are learning and uncovering so many new ideas and historical facts about the design of religions all over the world. It’s fascinating and exciting and bewildering all in the same moment. #neveraconvert #loveistheonlyanswer

11. Leaving no space for people to be who they are is one of the greatest atrocities in life. Parents have this privilege. Friends have this privilege. #weareNOTallthesameperson #becomeAWARE

12. I love art. I am art.

It’s Sunday.

Another day to love.

Happy Sunday

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